Patrick J. T. Campbell



Patrick Campbell was born in Maryland, raised in Washington DC.   He's the fourth out of five boys. Patrick has been drawing his whole life, pursuing the arts he went to Duke Ellington school of the Arts. On October 12, 2004 Patrick suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed on his right side. As an active teen who played 4 different sports and danced this was a hard pill to swallow. Most of all, he had been right-handed and it rendered him unable to draw, for that matter write. 

Patrick was wheelchair bound,  went through physical occupational and speech therapy during his stay at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in DC. For a moment he had given up on drawing, the speech therapist encouraged him to draw Winnie the Pooh with my left hand and he refused at first. Finally, he did and it was horrible in Patricks eyes. He kept practicing though, and within a couple of weeks, He was able to draw cars in the parking lot visually. By the time he was discharged from the hospital 4 days before Christmas (2 months after his stroke). He could draw with my left hand just as well if not better than the right.I am no longer wheelchair bound but walking (with a limp).

He graduated from High School and went all the way across the universe to go to college; With some "Road Blocks" Patrick finally graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in illustration. Art has always been his way of expression, a passion...of His!



Greyhawk Films/ Smithsonian (NMAAHC)/ Museum of Impact/ Big Bang Records/ Cortina Productions/Washington Post Magazine/ Urgent Inc